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How To Tie a Palomar knot



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Hi Everyone, I’ve found this amazing video about How To Tie a Palomar knot. I’ve also briefed text abt the video.

As the video says : I know you gonna take this yeah
where you see if the night
yeah, yeah, destination
we’re getting ready for a big bass tournament from SA Fishing Reviews and with the weather we’ve
had been a little cool so it’s putting these fish and some really heavy cover
so I’m just going to talk to you a little bit about what i like to do to
pattern these fish when the water temperature cools off and you want to
target giant largemouth bass inflicted heavy cover i like to use 80 pound braid
depending on how thick right now I’m gonna be flipping a two-ounce tungsten
wait with a for all of the not that I ty is the double palmore not the problem or
not super easy not to tie just go ahead and loop you’re like that put it through
the I your hook come through like so you’re going to loop around creating

How To Tie a Palomar knot Cont:

Go ahead and loop it through one more time there you go
I’ll take this loop end now you get this loop in over your hook and you pull
tight hold tight
there’s your pal more not right there and is your problem or not cut your
tagging off now you are ready to flip some heavy cover you catch giant large
mountain pick out your bait get after it
my tip on bass fishin flipping heavy cover in South Florida boom.

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